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M-16 Receiver Print

Please Note:  Actual print is white and image above is a photo of a print that does not do the print justice.

I have had a copy of a redrawn Colt M-16 receiver print hanging above my workshop for several years and I recently had a few people ask me to make a copy of it for them.  I decided to offer copies of this receiver to anybody that may be interested.

The print itself is 18x24 inches and is white in color.  The image above is a digital photo of the actual print and darned if I could get a clear photo of it.  Perhaps one of these days I will try again.

The drawing itself is marked "M-16 Receiver, Redrawn from Colt Original Dated Aug 15, 1968, Drawing Number M-16-1"  This drawing includes all the internal and external dimensions of the M-16 receiver and provides an excellent educational resource to understand the difference between the AR-15 and M-16 receiver.

The Cost of this print is a modest $10.00 + S&H.  The price includes me making a copy of the oversized print, buying an appropriate shipping tube, and postage.  I will not fold the print as I do feel these prints are worthy of framing as that is where I keep my original unless I need to make copies for my visitors here.  .  You can send payment via personal check, bank check or money order with an order form in PDF or MS Word format.

OR Pay $16.00 via PAYPAL (includes $5 S&H & $1 fee) 

Lastly, I have received a few e-mails from people outside the United States.  I will ship a poster internationally but I will need to fold the poster to do so as international shipping costs are higher.  The price for international buyers is $18.00 USD.


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