Welcome to my Pages

I have some medical challenges that make it difficult for me to work on a computer.  A few years ago I had over 110 websites but I can't maintain them anymore and I don't have the money to pay to keep their registrations current and to pay for the hosting.  For those reasons I have canceled or transferred about 100 of my old domains and websites to others.

I am trying to use this system as a way that I can post and share some of my projects.  This is much easier to update than writing a page in HTMP or PHP/MySQL so I hope I can use this to share some of what I try to do when I am able.

I have the system locked down so that I should be the only person that is able to post.  Its not that I don't like comments or feedback it's just that I have weeks where I can not use a computer due to my health challenges and spammers would take advantage so this is the way it has to be.


Ken (Aka Quarterbore)