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 Quarterbore Pages

I am trying something new that I hope will make it easier for me to share some things that I am trying to do. I have some health challanges so everything takes much longer than it used to but this is an attempt to share new projects until I can get the forums back from the grave.

Temporary Forum

As some know, I used forums up and running on this website for a several years. Unfortionately, hackers and spammers made it impossible for me to maintain so it was dropped in 2014 or so. My life situation has changed and I am going to try to see if I can get those running again in the future.

The 300 Whisper Page

On the 300 Whisper Pages you will find a description of the SSK Whisper family of cartridges along with the history and details of the 300 Whisper. There is also reloading information for subsonic and supersonic loads provided by JD Jones of SSK as well as some instructions for forming brass. Finally you will find pages that show a few sample guns including AR-15s, Remington 700 bolt actions, and pistols such as the Thompson Center Contender that use this cartridge. These pages are augmented with a links page to other sites that that describe the 300 Whisper and the 300/221 Fireball copy of it!


Knights Armament Company Page

On the Knights Armament Company (KAC) page, you will find a description of Knight's answer to the modular weapon system (MWS) as it applies to the AR-15 and M-16 family of weapons. Knights Manufacturing's first solutions were the RIS and RAS units, which use MIL-STD-1913 "Picatinny" rails in special grips that replace the factory handguards of AR15 and M16 weapon systems to allow the addition of military attachments such as lasers, forward pistol grips, optics, masterkey shotguns, and m203 grenade launchers. The RAS concept was later improved in the form of a Free Floating RAS system that provides the same rails but free floats the barrel for match grade accuracy for sniper or general enhanced accuracy. The latest refinement to the RAS line is the RAS II, which is still being developed at this time. These pages provide details about these models, distinguishing characteristics, information on mounting them, and details about the SR-15 and SR-25 weapons they were designed to fit.

I have also started working to add additional Knights Armament product information such as the new SR-47 and the Knights Armament 2-stage trigger.  If you wish to contribute, please feel free to drop me an E-Mail!


The Knife Pages

The Knife pages are a place where I hope to capture militarily significant knives. I started this section of the webpage as a result of looking at the History of the Buck-184 "Buckmaster" survival knife which is described in considerable detail along with some photographs that show the knife. The second page contains the history and details of the various M-9 bayonets that have been manufactured starting with Phrobis first developing the m9 bayonet, and through the years of Buck, LanCay, and Ontario Knife Company manufacturing m-9 bayonets for the US Government.


The Library

The Library is where I keep my miscellaneous pages that function to support other pages or are smaller documents that just don't fit in elsewhere at this time. In my library you will find three basic types of materials: PDF Files (Including Manuals, Patents, and more) and Misc. Articles that I have written about topics including: Adjusting the Rem 700 Trigger , 338-06, the 25-06 Remington, Varmint Hunting and more!  I also have four separate AR-15/M-16 KABOOMS (See ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR) that everyone with an AR-15 or M-16 should see!

You will also find a few Recommended Books (Guns, shooting, and other related topics) that are related to the content of this website!


Other Weapons Pages:

It seems that I am always trying to learn about something and it is impossible for me to continually keep updating the website.  A few new pages that I have added to this website include the following:  The FAB 10 and the OA-93 Family of weapons.  I am also starting to set up pages to share a few other weapon systems that have captured my interest as I have collected a few parts kits that I am planning to try and build as legal semi automatics including an Imbel FAL, a Bren LMG, a STEN MK III, a PMKMS, plus an 80% AR-15 casting.  Yea, I have jumped in with both feet and I predict that the kits that I have now will keep me quite busy for a couple YEARS but I have also learned that the best way to understand a weapon is to jump right in!  At a minimum, these pages will provide me with a place to describe these weapon systems as I am able to learn about them.

Classic Mustang Pages:

Quite a few years ago I used to have an extensive series of Classic Mustang pages on this website. I split these pages off a few years back as I was getting far more visitors to the mustang pages then the other pages but I am bringng the pages back while I work on reformating the Mustang Website. The entire contents of the Mustang website now resides here and if you like classic mustangs check the pages out as there are a huge number of great looking cars here now!

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