AMD-65 Build - Kit Preperation

Preperation steps needed to get a AKM parts kit ready to build into a stamped receiver AK-47 style weapon.

Basic tools for pulling a barrel pin

Short bolt in socket used to start the barrel pin.

Barrel Pin setup

Barrel pin starter

Barrel Pin starter...

Starting the barrel pin

Barrel pin is started

Barrel pin is started

Final removal of the barrel pin

The pin is moving...

The barrel pin is out

Setup to press out the barrel

Side view of supported front trunion

Two pennies to protect the breach

Steel bar on pennies ready to press

Distance view of setup

The barrel is moving

The barrel is out

The barrel is out (still)

Chamber end of the barrel

Chamber end of the barrel

Front trunion without the barrel

The fate of the two pennies

The fate of the two pennies

The penny that saved the breach of the barrel

Reomoving the muzzle break spring and detent

Opposite side of the pin started

Spring and detent for muzzle break

Removing rivets fromn front trunion

The all important dremel tool

After the rivets are ground flat - center punch them

This rivet poped right out with the first blow

One rivet started

Second rivet is started

Rivets are started

Rivets are knocked out

Nice clean trunion holes - No rivet scrap

The rear trunion

The rear trunion - other side

Ready to dremel down the rivets

Rivets ground down - Center Punch them

Drilling the Rear rivets

The drilling of the rear trunion

Second hole

Holes on one side of rear trunion

Holes on opposite side

Smashing the rear trunions to get them out

Pounding the rivet

One hole squashed down

Redrilling the rivet

Back to the pounding

The rivets are gone!

The removed rivets from the reat trunion