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postban ar-15 pistol
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Following is how I built my own Post-Ban legal AR-15 pistol.  A good reference to review before reading any further is  Pre OR Post Ban:  More than a serial number on 

Quarterbore's POST BAN AR-15 Pistol in 300/221 Fireball

I will be working on reformatting this page and adding text in the future but I wanted to share this project now as who knows when I will get the time to finish it?

About this project:

This project is a Bolt-Action Post-Ban AR-15 pistol.  The receiver was purchased as a new stripped Bushmaster AR-15 lower that I had my FFL purchase and transfer to me as a Pistol Receiver.  Both my Federal and state forms indicate this to be a pistol receiver.  Given that this is a bolt action, and not a semi-automatic, this really isn't a POST-BAN as it is more accurately a NON-BAN AR-15 pistol as bolt action pistols were never banned!  Like I said, there will be more text later and I will also work to thumbnail many of the pictures below so this page will load faster for those using a slower internet connection... 

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