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Bishop's Micro-Car:  A Pre-Ban SBR AR-15


Photos above provided by Bishop of AR15.com forums.


Story From Bishop of AR15.com

I built this AR-15 on a Pac West Arms (PWA) Pre-Ban lower which was registered as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).  The upper consists of a Model 1 Sales 7.5" pistol kit, while the stock is a standard 4 Pos. stock.  You can see that the handguards are wrapped with Para Cord. That is necessary because if the heat that little bugger generates after just 2 quickly fired magazines. After a few Beta mags the gun can become too hot to hold, even the plastic pistol grip (far away from the action) gets WAY too hot.  That is usually when I'll just dissemble the gun and let it cool. That usually take the same amount of time it takes to load 3 more 30-rd mags (by hand, I don't "DO" stripper clips) or a Beta mag.

The only problem that I have encountered was a fail to Eject.  I won't tell anybody exactly how I fixed the problem but I will say that you will need a SERIOUSLY strong extractor spring (Which BTW I am not using).

When I travel wit the Micro-Car, I keep it broken down in a Laptop PC case that I found. It is the perfect cast. Its a soft case that has enough room for the gun with a magazine inserted, and pockets that hold 2 more magazines, plus a place to keep a copy of my Form 1, and two pockets where I keep targets, the 22, conversion kit, other Flash hiders, sticker Dots (to cover up old bullet holes) thumbtacks, ear plugs, safety glasses, a yellow "chamber empty" plug, etc.

I call it a Micro-Car using the same idea as the UZI family of rifles, the larger just being the UZI rifle, and then the mini UZI and micro UZI.

Following are two letters from the ATF in relation to this project (click for larger view).


Quarterbore's Post Script:  I wish to thank Bishop for sharing his MicroCar here!

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