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FFL Types
Registered Receiver
Drop In Auto Sear
SWD Lightning Link
AR-10 Auto-Connector
postban ar-15 pistol
AR Pistol, SBR, AOW
FAB 10
OA 93 Series
Micro-Car by Bishop
Sten Mags w/ Colt
AR-15 stuff on EBAY

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Welcome to my AR-15 & M-16 Page!

Please note that this series of pages is a work in process but you can click the buttons on the left to see AR-15 style weapons including information on the SWD Lightning Link, rDIAS, the FAB-10, the OA-93 family of weapons, and a unique SBR AR-15 affectionately known as "Micro Car" across the internet!

I am working to put a collection of webpages together that will show some of the various differences and unique models of AR-15s that are available along with descriptions of the various accessories that make the AR-15 one of the best and most versatile weapon systems in the world.  

If you have something you would like to contribute please Contact Us! 

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