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NEW: 300 Whisper Forums!

After considerable frustration on my part, I have finally managed to get a new forum up and running. The forum includes two areas, one for area for 300 Whisper rifles and pistols and a second for reloading and ammo issues. I have a huge number of visitors that come to these pages each day so please drop in the forum and say "Hi" and share your projects!

SSK Industries: The wizards behind this cartridge!

Thompson/Center Arms: The Contender and Encore People!

Hoser's T/C Contender & Firearms Page and their 300 Whisper Page

Accurate Reloading and their 300 Whisper Page

Cor-bon Ammo and their Cor-bon Self Defense Load Data Page

Gem-Tech and their TPR-S 30-Caliber Rifle Suppressor Page

A very good 300 Whisper Contender article on Saubier.com.

Sound Suppressors on High-Powered Rifles

Advanced Armament Corp. and their  Procedure to buy a silencer Page

Go to 300Whisper.com

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